Monday, January 30, 2012


When will you stop this? Can't you see you're running in circles? You're moving quickly, very quickly. You think that motion is the key. But motion without direction is meaningless. You are a fish, flailing your silvered body in the sand. You're going nowhere.

Do you think my words are cruel, little one? Do you still not see? My hand is outstretched towards you. It has been there, from the day you were born into this dark world. Reaching. I want to take you to a beautiful place. I want to carry you to a quiet stream. I want to anoint you with the power to walk through death and not be afraid. 

This burden was always an easy one. I never asked you to take up your cross without My strength. Did you really believe you could do it without me? Did you really believe you could pay your own debt?

Child, can't you understand that My heart is breaking, a bleeding mess with love for you? If you would only believe the truth I have spoken to you. You would trust me wholeheartedly, then. You would realize that when I said that every single thing works out for the good of my people, I meant it. You wouldn't waste away with this fear and doubt anymore. All the things that tear you down now, they wouldn't even matter. 

Beloved, I am fighting for you. I will move heaven and earth to reach you. The greatest demons of Hell cannot stand in my way: depression, bitterness, anger, despair, guilt, fear, loneliness, confusion, deception, weariness, doubt--watch them cower, watch them tremble, watch them wither to ash in the raging fire of My passion for you, in the blazing light of My glorious Presence. Only take my hand. Take my hand and have faith.

The world you see is full of lies. There is a deeper reality, but the world cannot understand it. That reality is My love for you, and the promises that come with it--My wedding vows to you, a covenant I will never break. It is something you must simply believe, even when you can't see it, even when it seems impossible. Why? Because it is true. Truer than any emotions you experience, any circumstances you encounter, any logic you calculate. 

That pressure against your heart is My voice, calling you by name. This is my invitation to rest. This is my invitation to freedom. This is my invitation to life. 

Precious one, I am here. I will never leave you. I am holding out my hand. 

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