Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Unbelievable, Impossible Lives.

What if we actually believed all the things we said we did?

...That to lose our life is to gain it (Matthew 10:34).

...That we can move mountains (Mark 11:22; Matthew 17:20).

...That if someone sues you, you should give them even more than what they are trying to take (Matthew 5:40).

...That when people insult us, it is cause for rejoicing (Matthew 5:11-12).

...That the presence of Jesus is the only thing we need (Luke 10:41).

...That to call anyone a "fool" (or "idiot", to use a more contemporary term) is to put yourself in danger of hell (Matthew 5:22).

...That we are called to be perfect (Matthew 5:48).

...That we have power through the Spirit to do even greater works than Jesus (John 14:12).

...That we have the authority to overcome all the power of the enemy (Luke 10:19).

...That many of the prophets and kings of the Old Testament (think Moses, or David) are jealous of us (Luke 10:24).

...That following Jesus will cost us our comfort (Matthew 8:20).

...That to love our parents or children more than Jesus is to be unworthy of Him (Matthew 10:37).

...That we have to give up everything we have to be His disciple (Luke 14:33).

And these are just a few tidbits taken from the Gospels, a tiny taste of the wonderful and terrifying promises God has given us as His children.

We have become so complacent with Christianity, we forget how absolutely radical it is. We go through the motions: pray, read our Bible, go to church. And the stories in our Bible, of giants crashing to the ground and seas splitting down the middle, have been recited to us so often, we completely miss how incredible they are. How incredible our God is. And how incredible is this life He has called us to, an unbelievable and impossible story--made believable and possible through Him.

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