Thursday, January 5, 2012

Every Time You Walk into the Room, I am Changed.

I don't wanna talk about You 
like You're not in the room; 
I want to look right at You, 
I want to sing right to You. 

These are perhaps some of my favorite lines from a worship song. It is a cry for the Presence of God, and a reminder that He is near when His people call to Him. He is not watching us through a window in the floor of heaven; He is in the very room.

There are a lot of worship songs that sing about God. Which is great--I love singing about the majesty, power, beauty, mercy, and goodness of my God. But what I love even more than singing songs about God is singing songs to Him. To look into His glorious face, to meet Him in that sacred place where everything else fades like a dream upon waking, and say to Him, with tears in my eyes and laughter in my smile, "God, You're beautiful to me."

That's why sometimes I change the wording of a worship song, or invent completely new lyrics for it altogether. Worship comes from the heart, not from singing the correct words or pitches. Worship should be a new song, every time, a different and intimate experience with our Father. We get stuck singing songs with lyrics and tunes that are all too-familiar to us, and we stop thinking about the incredibleness of the words we are saying. It becomes just another ritual, just another checklist in our Christian walk. And then we wonder why God feels so far away.

When we come together in worship, we have the opportunity to usher in the Presence of God. To curl up in His lap and sing to Him as He sings over us, to find the comfort and rest that He promises His children. Don't ever let that opportunity pass you by. Because there's nothing else like it in all the world.

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