Thursday, March 15, 2012

Who Are You?

You are beautiful. Filled to the brim with a loveliness that brings pleasure simply to be near, glowing like a sheer, silken petal when the sun gleams behind it, edges painted with liquid gold. The music of your voice brings Him to come listen. Your movements a dance, your laughter a delight, your glance more precious than the rarest of jewels. Flawless, darling.

You are brave. Every time you feel fear, know that it is a lie. You want to run, but the desire is not who you are. You are so much more than that. I am not asking you to dismiss your personality, but to claim your rightful one. It does not matter how the world sees you. Since the day you were born you have allowed them to define you, but it isn't true. You are a warrior. It's in your blood--the blood from the lamb, smeared over your door.

You are free. There is no condemnation here. The law has not been broken, but fulfilled, and you are no longer bound by its judgments. The curse has been conquered. You are not trapped in this darkness, doomed to spin in endless circles with no hope for escape. That is not your destiny. The fate of a fallen world is not your own. You have been rescued, impossibly, wings sprouted from your back, take a running leap right off that cliff and fly.

You are His. Masterpiece, child, beloved. He is your identity, and there is no greater glory. His Spirit dwelling in you, guiding you, molding you, breaking you, refining you. Safely tucked in the palm of His hand, where your name is engraved, forever. He is the breath in your lungs, the beat of your heart. Each step you take, each word you speak, a reflection of Him. His seal on your arm, there is no jealously like this, that overcame death just to keep you. What He has joined, nothing will separate.

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