Saturday, June 25, 2011

Who? He Is.

We have many names for God, many words we use to describe Him. In fact, I'll bet that if we sat down to write a list, we could continue on into eternity. Infinite names for an infinite God, for no one name can truly describe Him.

But out of all God's names, the one I find to be the most fascinating is that which He ascribed to Himself as He spoke to a trembling man from a burning bush: I AM (Exodus 3:14). Is that not the most comforting name for our Father to have? He is who He is. Yesterday, today, forever. Regardless of our belief in Him or our misconceptions about Him, He is who He is. He does not change His nature to suit our culture, or to fit more easily into our finite minds. He doesn't need an explanation, He doesn't need to be defended. He simply is. Not was, not will be. Is. He is. Forever and always.

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