Thursday, June 23, 2011

Think, Think, Think.

I think God misses us, most days. I think we have a tendency to neglect Him, to get lost in the busyness, in all the things we have to do, in all the things that need to get done, in all the things hanging over our heads, in all the things tugging under our feet, in all the things, things, things.

I think we are too proud of the ten minutes we give Him, the fifteen, twenty, thirty minutes we give Him, most of which are spent still worrying about all the things, complaining to Him about all the things. I think after we check our "devotional time" off our list and rush off to all the things, God stays, standing in the empty room with His hands outstretched as the door slams and our footsteps fade away, pleading, Just five more minutes, my son, Just five more minutes, my daughter, Just five more minutes, my beloved. Please, just five more minutes with you.

I think if we would stay five more minutes and listen, we would fall in love with Him and never want to leave. I think all the other things would grow smaller, and He would grow larger in our eyes. I think we would have more time to breathe, to think, to laugh, to love. I think the world would be more beautiful, I think our hearts would be more beautiful.

I think it would make God happy, I think it would make us happy, if we stayed just a little longer. I think I don't have exactly the right words to explain it, but I think the ones I have written are true.

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