Monday, June 27, 2011

The Truth About Love (Dare You to Read It All).

Originally written July 30, 2009. 

I used to wonder why those romance movies were all the same. How two lovers endured through trials and struggles to be together, and then lived happily ever after, made complete in each other. Why do our hearts yearn for that kind of love to be true? 

The answer is: because we were created for that kind of love. The problem came when we took that fairy-tale to the world and asked for fulfillment, instead of taking it to God, the Lover of our souls, who was the only fulfillment. And I hear girls sigh as they long for such romance, and I watch girls grow bitter as their hearts break time after time, the world screaming at them: the stories are all make-believe; there is no fairy-tale for you. And I see girls, beautiful girls, settle for cheap experiences and cheap imitations of this thing called love, because they no longer believe they are worthy of anything more. 

Beloved, you have listened to the lies of the enemy for too long. You walk around in sackcloth, when God longs to clothe you in white. You walk around weeping, when God longs to put a smile on your face. You walk alone, when God longs to pick you up in His arms and carry you. You strive, you strive, you strive, because you believe the lie that you are not worthy to be loved, and somewhere deep in your heart you think if I can just be good enough, then I will be worth loving. My sisters, I plead with you, open your eyes! God is ready to pour out bucketloads of His love and peace and and joy and freedom! All you have to do is lower your walls of unbelief. Believe the truth, beloved. The truth is: You are beautiful. You are loved. You are a glorious bride. You are a daughter of the King. To believe anything else about yourself is to call God a liar. To believe anything else about yourself is to settle for less than your destiny. 

If you have not had an encounter with Truth before, I pray it over each one of you. Because these words alone are not enough. But the power of Truth and Love stands behind these words, and I know that power is enough to break down any barrier, break away any chains--for that power comes from God. He is Love, and His word is Truth. With that power I write these words, with that power I pray over you. 

I call out to you as a sister who has experienced that power and been changed by it. I call out to you as a girl who believes in fairy-tales again. I call out to you as a woman who has decided that it’s worth the risk to say: Yes, I am beautiful. Yes, I am royalty. Yes, I am loved. Yes, I am significant. No, not because I worked hard enough and finally reached the goal. I am all those things because I came to my Daddy-King as a dirty mess, and He cleaned me up and made me holy and called me His own. Then He spoke the truth over me. He told me I was beautiful, royal, loved, a world-changer. For a long time, I didn’t believe Him. But after years of striving, I finally stopped, got on my knees, and cried out to Him. And this time, when He told me how much He loved me, I said, “Okay, Daddy. I believe You.” Then I crawled into His lap, and I’ve been resting there ever since. Sometimes the old ways of thinking come back, sometimes for a few moments I clamber down again and try to wade through the muck of life in my own strength. But then I remember who I am. And my laughter bubbles over, for my Prince Charming loves me with a Love that moves mountains and turns back death. I know my happily ever after has already been won. So I rest again, secure in His promise. Call me crazy, or naive. But I have tasted and seen the goodness of His love, and I refuse to turn back. I am so thankful that I have found my fairy-tale...yet my heart hurts for so many who are missing theirs. 

Don't you see? This promise is for you! Believe the truth, precious one. With God, the impossible is made possible. Dreams do come true. There is such a thing as true love. Come Beloved, with the child-like faith that the world could never quite bury. Your fairy-tale is waiting for you. 

And suddenly she smiled. Because for the first time in her life, she silenced the lies, and in the stillness heard her Father whisper the only truth there ever was: “Beloved, you are beautiful.” 

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