Thursday, July 5, 2012

Note to Self:

Your value has already been determined, established by the highest bidder. It was a price beyond measure.

You think by these things you will be made whole: success in your career, intellectual pursuits, good deeds, falling in love, changing the world. You think by these things you can increase your worth. Polish away the flaws and insecurities until you shine.

Value, however, does not come from the quality of the product, but from the price that someone is willing to pay. And there is no price greater than blood. You were paid for in blood.

All these pursuits, you never stop chasing. But you cannot increase your worth, or decrease it. Regardless of what you accomplish, the price placed on you by others, whose approval and love you so crave, will always fall far short of the price that's already been paid.

Your value has already been determined. You have been declared of immeasurable worth.

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