Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ninja in the Night.

On January 10, 2010, I drove with a friend to Brunswick, Georgia, and went to a church called Bethel. After the service, I came to the front, and several people gathered around to prophesy over me. These are the words that one of them spoke:
"One of the things that came to me was boldness is gonna come into the relationship you have with God...it's gonna be something that's very safe and that you can approach boldly. There won't be a timidness, it's not gonna be like, 'Hey, God, I'm here if You wanna talk to me,' it's like 'HEY GOD, I'M HERE, COME DOWN!', so that's gonna be an accelerated thing in your life, and be bold, and feel safe because He is a good God...So come boldly; don't be timid.
"Also...one other thing with being bold and trying new things...is fear of failure and  fear of rejection. It's like...those things are bondages that hold us back, that keep us from moving forward. And when you realize that not trying or not doing is already guaranteeing failure, that the only possible way to succeed is risk, and to go for it and to step out regardless of whatever--because it's just like a test in school, and...you really fretted about it, for that amount of time, but then, a week later, a year later, is it something you remember, is it something that's constantly in your mind, that...you know what I'm saying? Those things go away. But the successes, where you really do well, where you really shined--those things stay with you. So just keep that in mind." 
Boldness. That was the word the Spirit spoke over me. Because only a God as crazy as ours would take a girl who was voted the shyest in her senior class and proclaim that she would be bold. And only a God as powerful as ours could bring it to pass.

Enter the present day: January 2013. Three years later--the blink of God's eye. I am telling my mom (who knows nothing of the prophecy from Bethel) that I don't understand why God is bringing certain opportunities into my life, and I don't know what He wants me to do about them. And she says simply, "Ask Him. Be bold. You're supposed to be bold, remember?"

Lightening bolt, through the heart. Because even though she had no idea what her words were referring to, I was brought immediately back to that time, and that place, and that promise: boldness.

So I shouldn't have been surprised when, a week later, I randomly received this text from a friend (who doesn't know about the prophecy, or about what my mom said to me last week): You are a quiet ninja in the night. Fear not. Be bold. Be brave. Take no prisoners.

(Don't worry. She's talking spiritual warfare--at least, I think she is.;)

I know these things aren't accidents. God is bringing about the fulfillment of a promise in my life, and it's time for me to claim it. Because while I do not know exactly what lies before me in the days ahead, I suspect it will take every ounce of boldness that the Spirit has to help me gain the victory.

Oh, by the way. Update time (one hour later). Before I wrote this blog, another friend of mine had tagged me in a video she posted on Facebook. After finishing my blog post, I watched it. At 2 minutes 31 seconds, my brain exploded. Listen, and you'll understand why.

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  1. Amen! Keep moving forward - and don't doubt. Doubt was one of the things that was part of a prophecy that I received in January 2010...that God wants me to stop doubting Him. I haven't arrived yet, of course, but He's been helping me trust Him more & more these past few years - through everything that has happened. I didn't even notice the boldness part in that video until you pointed it out. It is so awesome how God is bringing this theme of boldness into both of our lives at the same time! I love you. I'm so very proud of you. I miss you and I eagerly anticipate whenever I will be able to visit you!