Monday, May 30, 2011

Thank You.

For sunny days. Windchimes. The smell of flowers. A cat's purr. The warm glow of a fire. Hot chocolate on a bitterly cold night. Lightning streaking across the sky. Foggy mornings. Good books. Sunsets. Sunrises. Words that paint pictures. Honest smiles. Christmastime. Snow right after it has fallen. The mountains. The sound of silence. Camping outdoors. Camping in the living room. Roasted marshmallows. The smell of a book. Imagination. Old Disney movies. Fireflies. Snowball fights. Times when I can simply look out the window. Music. Eyes to watch a bird fly. Ice cream cones. The wind blowing my hair in my eyes. New places to visit. Old places to return to. Poetry. Waves to play in at the beach. Waves to listen to on the shore. Porch swings. Hot tea.

For my loved ones. My family, my friends. Their health. Their presence in my life. Their encouragement. Their love. The memories I have with them. The laughter they bring out in me. The tears they've held me through. The faith they build up in me. Their quirks. Our inside jokes. The photographs of us. The advice they have given me. Their hugs. The belief they have in me. The sacrifices they made for my sake. The prayer they pour over me. The time we have spent together.

For Yourself. Your beauty, Your glory, Your grace. Your Son, the spotless Lamb who took my place on the cross. Your Holy Spirit, who made me new, who lives in me and gives me hope. The freedom You gave to me. The knowledge that the pain will pass and the tears will be wiped away. Opening my eyes to Your truth, more and more as I take the time to seek You. The promises You keep. Your strength in my weakness. Your holiness. The songs You sing over me. The plans You have for me. Sheltering me beneath Your wings. Answered prayers. Growing my faith. Exploding out of the box I tried to keep You in. Messing me up. Choosing me as Your beloved daughter. Your unreserved, unconditional, eternal love. All the incredible things that are yet to come.

Thank You, God, for every blessing You pour out, though they are far too many to name. May I always turn them back to praise. LORD, blessed be Your name.

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