Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Looking [Through the] Glass.

The rooms of our hearts are filled with mirrors. Every experience, past, present, and potential, held up to those walls of reflection--our faces, our emotions, our thoughts, staring back at us. We weigh, we analyze, we calculate, the impact of the world on us. Plotting out a thousand maps to determine the most convenient highway to happiness. Our choices driven by the question, How will this affect me?

But the rooms are dark, the mirrors distorted. Deceitful above all things. And there is a Man, who stands at the door and knocks. We are afraid to let Him in, because there is a sledgehammer in His hand. He wants to shatter the mirrors and replace them with windows. He wants to fill our rooms with light.

So that, instead of looking into and seeing ourselves, we will look through and see the world. We will no longer ask How will the world affect me?, but How can I affect the world? 

We will forget about ourselves, and in doing so, we will finally be able to see what He sees--all those broken and beautiful hearts strewn like wildflowers, torn from their roots and dying in the sun.

It will be inevitable, what happens next. We will fall in love. We will gather, and we will plant. Together with Him, we will restore the Garden that was lost. We won't wonder about happiness; we'll have already found it.

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