Saturday, February 18, 2012

Psalm 139: The AR Translation.

Oh Lord, You have looked into every corner of my heart, into the very core of who I am. You know everything about me, the beautiful and the ugly. You are paying attention to all my activities, making note of every movement, however seemingly insignificant, even the times I sit down and the times I get up; You hear my thoughts even as I think them. When I walk outside, You are watching over me. When I lie down to sleep, Your gaze never leaves me; You are familiar with all my habits and quirks. You know what I'm going to speak before I say it, perceiving my meaning completely, even if I can't find the words.

You encircle me protectively in Your arms, surrounding me with Your Presence on all sides. You go before me to prepare my future, and stay behind me so that I am never trapped in the past. You have rested Your hand upon my head, the gentle weight of Your power anointing me, choosing me. I speak these words, but they are too beautiful for me to understand, too high for me to reach!

Where can I go where Your Spirit does not follow me? Where can I run to escape from Your Presence? If I soar into the bluest of skies, up into the very clouds of heaven, I find You there; if I fall into the deepest pit of hell, You chase after me to pull me up again. If I wake up just as the morning sun bleeds onto the horizon, if I sail to the ends of the Earth, even there You will lead me in the way that is right, Your hand will hold onto me and never let go.

If I say, "I will hide in the shadows of my sin and suffering, for my mistakes have turned every good thing around me to darkness and shame," even that darkness will not be too dark in the light of Your glory; the black of midnight will shine like the sun, for the darkest of nights become like the brightest of days when You show up.

For You created the most intimate pieces of me; You masterfully wove every part of my being together before I was born. I sings songs of joy to You because You have made me beautiful and perfect; everything You do is wonderful, as You prove to me again and again. The details of my body weren't hidden from You when I was created in the depths of mystery, You saw me and loved me even as I was being formed into Your masterpiece. You established every day of my life, planned out all the incredible things that would happen, before I had lived a single day of it.

God, Your thoughts mean so much to me! They are too many for me to grasp! I could count out every particle of dust on Earth, and still it could not begin to measure the depths of all You that Your mind contains. When I wake up, and my own thoughts begin to churn, You easily keep track of them. Wherever I go, I am always with You.

If only You would destroy the Enemy, Oh God! Demons, stay back! They constantly whisper lies about You into my ear; they blacken Your name with their deceit. I hate them because of their hatred for You, and I despise them when I see the injustice they stir up around the world in rebellion against You. I have nothing but hatred for them; with every ounce of strength You give me, I strive to fight against them.

Continue to search every corner of my heart, Oh God, the good and the bad. Test me with fire, that I may be refined, becoming more like You. Know all my anxieties and worries, so You can speak Your truth over me and give me peace. Show me the things in my life that need to die so that Your Spirit can live more purely in me, and lead me on into the glory of Your eternal kingdom.

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