Saturday, November 30, 2013

From the Belly of Hell Cried I.

I want to spew out curses honest as Peter's betrayal - overflow of this black-burnt heart spat through unclean lips - four-letter nails cutting holy flesh. Screaming

this body You gave,
why, oh Potter?

Screaming hatred at the malformed clay that cages my soul - screaming hatred at me - screaming hatred at You. Screaming

how long, how long, how long

I want to (oh God, I don't want to)

wallow in
my infantile selfishness,
my petulant greed,
my suffocating shame

I want to (oh God, I don't want to)

close my eyes against the tides
that always 
pull me back 
to the starting line
and (let me (please don't let me))

I had a dream

I spent everything I had, kicking out against thick waters. So close
to safety, my fingers clutching the dock's splintered edge. But
my arms were far too weak to carry my own weight. And
a creature, dark and hungry, was swimming up from the depths.


? ? later

When the morning came,
it came with sunlight

weeping mercy.

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