Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dear God,

Scoop out this cruel and toxic organ, hidden in my chest with its parasitic grip. A fountain of selfishness that fills my body to bursting, a desperate wickedness cradled in deception. This black creature that presses heavy against my lungs.

So sever the skin, layers of tissue, until You reach the heart of the matter, elbow-deep in blood. And crush that withered muscle into the dust it was once formed of.

And in its place, Daddy, this is my request--give me Your heart.

A heart that burns with jealousy for Your people. A heart that breaks for every wandering lamb. A heart that remembers the least of these. A heart that embraces the prodigal. A heart that does not become weary of doing good. A heart that will spend everything, and spend itself as well. A heart that intercedes for the weak. A heart that is pure. A heart of love.

I cup my hands beneath Your cross and catch the crimson drops that fall, a thick and sticky rain. I drink deeply, my lips stained dark red. This blood, poured out for me, now rivers coursing through my veins. This heart, it beats so loudly, new and perfect and strong.

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