Thursday, July 7, 2011

"I Love Them More."

When I am praying for a loved one who is in a bad situation, it hurts. Physical pain, tearing at the pit of my stomach. I feel pain for what they are going through, I take their burdens upon myself and can feel their tangible weight, and sometimes, even in the midst of prayer, I feel so helpless, I don't know what to do.

But when I reach this point of distress, God often takes the time to remind me: "I love them more than you." This always stirs great wonder in me, especially when I am hurting very much for them and cannot understand why God would allow them to go through so much pain. But I know His words are true; I can feel it in the depths of my soul when He speaks quietly to my panic: God loves the people I pray for more than I do. I can trust Him with their circumstance, with their pain, with their very self.

And when I sit back and think about it, it makes me realize how very big is the God we serve. If my heart is breaking for this single person, how much more is His heart, which loves so much more than my own. And His love is not directed toward only this single person, but toward the entire world. Only a God of infinite strength could endure such pain that must inevitably come from loving a people so broken, living in a world so imperfect. And only a God of infinite love would take that pain upon Himself in a sacrifice unto death, that we would be set free.

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